Through the client’s eyes

Because Pearl Creative takes a strategic approach to every single design assignment, the design process is clearly structured and meets the highest standards of quality. The design development process gives rise to products with great potential for both the client’s portfolio and their brand positioning. Pearl Creative sees itself as a design services provider that always bases its passion for creative concepts on down-to-earth analysis – regardless of whether the project involves medical design, sports equipment, household appliances or catering equipment. As diverse as the different companies it works for are, Pearl Creative’s focus is always the same: an individual approach that ensures an excellent brand fit – and long-term relationships with clients.


Design as diverse as the industries it serves

Pearl Creative is a design agency that develops very different types of design concepts. Besides consumer goods design, Pearl Creative is equally successful in capital goods design and medical product design. Branding, corporate design, innovation design and strategic brand positioning are the hallmarks of the Pearl Creative product range – across all sectors and industries. A look at the Ludwigsburg design firm’s portfolio reveals a broad spectrum of innovative products that deliver added value for their users and commercial success for the design agency’s clients.